Tour Checklist

Tour Checklist





Legal Requirements


Valid passport

Valid driving licence

Registration document - copy

M.O.T. Certificate if applicable

Bike insurance - copy of policy

Green Card for European travel c/w European Accident Statement form

Hi-Vis  vest 

Reflective helmet stickers x 4 ( riders and pillions)

GB Sticker

Headlamp direction adjusters

Spare Bulbs & fuses


Mini First Aid kit  ( required by law in some countries)


We Recommend:


Travel insurance with full repatriation for you, your pillion and your bike.

E111 (this gives you equivalent NHS treatment in EC countries only but NOT repatriation)

European Breakdown Cover



Personal Equipment



Spare set of gloves

Mobile Phone (enable roaming in Europe)

Headache Tablets
Credit Card


Pack everything into plastic bags  for waterproofing passport, documents, clothes etc.

Casual smart clothes for hotels





We recommend:


Removable tank bag with clear pocket for maps/route, passports, cash etc

Sun glasses or tinted visor

Viser cleaner



Bike Equipment


Bike lock

Aerosol puncture repair kit

Chain lube

Spare bike keys and alarm fob

Tool kit



We recommend:


Tyre pressure guage


Before you leave


Check tyre pressures

Check tyres have sufficient tread to last the tour

Make sure your bike is serviced prior to leaving for long tours

Check settings on bike and maximum loadings

Ride your bike a couple of weeks before you leave fully loadad and see how it handles

Contact your bank/credit card supplier for use of cards abroad



Enjoy your trip !